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Uncover Our Identity

Being eco-green

is our motto.

AFC Holding's work in supporting and investing in innovative start ups lies at the heart of a smarter, sustainable future. We invest in the development of low-carbon building production, infrastructure, energy and mobility solutions. We are active in the "green" extraction of raw materials critical to the EU in the mining sector. We invest in new technologies and in sustainable, versatile and recyclable materials that are ideal for a future low-carbon, closed-loop economy. We aim to contribute to a net-zero-emission world. We are fully aware that it must also decarbonise. "A Smarter Future is about the role of AFC and each of our startups in tomorrow's world and society's transition to net zero.

Caring Every Step of the Way.

We care about our employees and partners - so that they enjoy and satisfy themselves in working with us and take care of their own and our shared environment.


We care about global sustainability.

Image by Red Morley Hewitt

We are a multinational company - to instil in everyone a determination and sensitivity to the planet and to globalise sustainable development - we are committed to scientific rigour and, in parallel, to maintaining the highest quality standards in the products we bring to market.

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