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Introducing our blockchain-powered platform, a transformative solution for direct energy exchanges between stakeholders without the need for intermediaries. This innovative system not only enables transactions at market prices but also facilitates the storage of energy at lower costs, leveraging cryptocurrency for seamless buying and selling. Our approach, pioneering in the energy sector, offers unparalleled efficiency and transparency, overcoming the industry's challenge of high initial costs. With the ability to optimize microgrids and manage energy flow intelligently, our platform promises significant savings and reliability. Embrace a future where energy transactions are streamlined, cost-effective, and transparent.

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Introducing our blockchain solution for the sustainable construction industry, ensuring transparency and quality from material origin to final build. This innovative platform offers a detailed view of the construction process and material transportation, enabling accurate carbon footprint calculations. By adopting our system, construction companies not only streamline operations but also solidify their commitment to sustainability, meeting the growing demand for green solutions in Poland and the EU. Our technology elevates eco-conscious companies, driving the industry towards the circular economy and attracting environmentally aware customers. Embrace the future of construction with us, where every build is a step towards a more sustainable world.



Introducing an advanced production line for hydrogen storage tanks, leveraging cutting-edge multi-layer macromolecular polymer technology for optimal safety and efficiency. Our tanks, available in capacities of 27l and 250l, are engineered to withstand extreme pressures (up to 1500 Bar) and temperatures (from -25°C to +50°C), featuring a hydrogen permeation rate of less than 4% over seven days. The design incorporates specially designed coatings, some of which are patented, to cater to hydrogen's unique properties. Equipped with safety valves, pressure sensors, and options for methane detection, these tanks can be refueled in approximately six minutes and are suitable for underground installations or integration into internal combustion and hydrogen-electric vehicles as booster tanks. Furthermore, our technology enables the assembly of tank batteries to serve as energy accumulators, enhancing the operational flexibility and energy efficiency of hydrogen-powered solutions. Embrace the future of hydrogen storage with our innovative, safe, and efficient tank systems.

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